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General Questions and Answers

Aspen Builders has been in the business for over 20 years. We have built 100’s of floor plans and as a custom home builder; you have the choice of endless personalization options to fit the needs and wants of your family. Our in-house draftsman will change and adjust your floor plans as needed to fit your lifestyle. Aspen Builders is also a developer, and as such we have the best lot locations in the Lincoln and Waverly areas. With an on-staff interior designer included on every project, Aspen makes the building process stress free for all our clients to walk them through the entire building process and help give advice on selection decisions as needed. The entire Aspen Builders Team will work closely together with you to create the house you’ve always dreamed of.

Aspen Builders is not only a custom home builder, we are also a developer. That’s what sets us apart from other builders in the area. We have the best lot selections in town, since we own the developments already! We have all of our current subdivision shown on our communities page.


We work frequently to keep these as updated as possible so that they show what lots are still available. Typically we reserve these lots for our Aspen clients only. We prefer to keep the best lot options available for our clients, rather than selling the lots outright. We also have many contacts in the Lincoln area, if you are looking for a lot in another area of town and we could help you work out the details to get exactly what lot you would like!

Aspen Builders will build on any lot or acreage within the Lincoln and surrounding areas, whether you own it already or are looking in another development. Typically we have more options and choices if the lots are in one our developments, but if you find one you like elsewhere, we can help look into the details on it for you through our developmental contacts.

Yes! Aspen Builders builds the most acreages in Lincoln and surrounding areas. We have lots of valuable knowledge about building acreages and can help to answer any questions you may have.

Absolutely! We are a custom home builder and with a draftsman on staff, we can design and draw up anything you’d like. We have an extensive floor plan library for you to choose from, or if you have a plan in mind already, you can bring it in for us to work from.

Typically the construction process lasts anywhere from 5 to 8 months. A significant part of that range depends on weather, the time of the year the building process starts, and the size of the project.

Although many other builders price out their plans with a square footage price, Aspen Builders prefers not to. As an example; a kitchen or a bathroom is much more expensive per square foot than a bedroom or living room. So it’s difficult to price plans out with just a general square footage price since plans will vary so much. We like to get our pricing as close as we can and base our pricing off of the plan you select and what type of finishes you’d like (granite vs. laminate counters, vinyl vs. tile flooring, etc.) We can also sit down with you to go over a set of our construction specs line by line, choose your floor plan, and choose your lot to get an even more exact price for you. We are happy to work within your budget and can help tweak parts of the plan or specs to get you where you need to be to meet that budget.

Before finalizing everything and getting started, we meet with you over several meetings to go through all the details and adjust specs and plans as needed. We create a set of constructions specs which itemize out every part of the construction process. It lists exactly what is included for each item and what allowances you have for items that you may pick later during the selection process. Before we get started building, you see all of the final plans, how the plan will fit on the lot you’ve chosen, and review all of the specs and pricing before you sign all the paperwork and we go to work! You have plenty of time to review all of these items and make changes before you have to finalize anything.

For several items in your specs, it’s easier to give you an “allowance” to pick out something at a later date. This is a budget of money you have to spend in that category that’s included in the price of your home. If you use less than this amount, you receive a credit. If you spend more than that amount, it’s an overage added on to the price of your house at the end. We base these numbers both off of previous homes we’ve built with the same or similar floor plans and off of what types of finishes or items you specify you would like in each area.

For example, we give you a flooring allowance based on what types of materials you want in each space. Of course we can’t know exactly what tile or wood floor you’re going to choose for each room, so we use an average price for each item and figure it all in together. If you pick out a tile that’s more expensive than average, it might make you have a flooring “overage”. The more specific you can get with us with what you want, the easier it is for us to price it for you and include it up front to avoid those overages. Examples of items we may do allowances for are: flooring, countertops, appliances, lighting, etc.

Earnest money typically ranges from 1% to 2% and is based on the type of loan and the price of the home. Some homes require as little as $500 down.

We work with several preferred lenders that are very experienced in new construction lending. We handle the construction loan and work with your lender to make it very simple for you. There are many different government and conventional financing options. Currently some loans require as little as $500 down with approved credit. Feel free to contact some of our lenders on our resources page for more information.

Your first meeting can be just a preliminary meeting if you’d like to get some questions answered, or we can get started on as many details as you’d like! If you have a floor plan in mind already, it is helpful to bring in for us to see and go over with you. Otherwise we can show you plenty of options at our office that may not be shown on our website. A pre-approval letter is also helpful to get beforehand so that we can determine what your budget is and be able to show you which floor plans or lots will fit within that budget.

This is a common issue with most of our customers. Since every situation is different, we gather all the options for you and help you decide which way will work best for you. In most cases, we will start right away even before your existing home is sold.

Aspen Builders has a client login site via the “Builder Trend” website. Once you finalize all of your paperwork, we send you a link to setup your account on the builder trend site. From this login, you can view your plans, contracts, specs, and selections from anywhere. We also use the site as a tool for all our contractors and subs for scheduling. You are able to see the calendar for your new home specifically and know what part of the process will be starting next!

Our on staff interior designer helps make the process as stress-free as possible for you. Builder Trend will automatically send you an email notification when it’s time to get started on both exterior and interior selections. Our designer accompanies you to each meeting and walks you through which items you have to choose from and what is included in your specs vs. what is considered an overage so there are no surprises later! She will setup all of your meetings for you with all of our subs and vendors, coordinate the receipt of bids for you, and create summary sheets from each meeting so that you know exactly what it is that you picked for each item before it needs to be finalized. She can also help give advice and feedback on any design and color questions you may have.

Yes, we offer a 1 year limited warranty on all of the homes we build. For more information, view our warranty packet on our warranty information page.



Client Testimonials

Jackie U.

We can't express enough how thankful we are to have had Aspen build our home. The Aspen team gave us what felt like undivided attention from the very first meeting, spending several hours with us addressing concerns and calming our nerves prior to us even choosing them as our builder.  From that point on, we knew this was the group we wanted to work with. They were honest, forthcoming, and offered advice when we needed it. Bob prides himself on quality and craftsmanship. If his name is tied to it, he wants it done right.

Megan V.

At our first meeting Bob made us feel very comfortable, and we knew right away Aspen was the perfect company to build our house! Along the way, they were amazing at answering all of our questions and eager to make our home exactly what we wanted! Their on-staff interior designer, Rachel helped us with our entire house design, as well as picking out all of our materials and keeping track of our budget! She was a huge help, and we wouldn’t have known what to do without her! Aspen and all of their employees were a joy to work with, and we highly recommend them to our family and friends!

Greg & Sue B.

Aspen provided the "best" home building experience we could have imagined! The Aspen experience exceeded our expectations for customizing our home to make the "vision" we had for our home a reality.

Alanna C.

When looking at builders, one of the things we knew we didn’t want was a ‘cookie cutter’ house. Our favorite thing about building with Aspen was the level of customization we received when working with them. From tailoring our floor plans to meet our needs to letting us choose what we wanted for finishes, we were able to create our dream home to be exactly the way we wanted, and one that didn’t look like every other house on the block! We highly recommend Aspen Builders!

Lisa G.

We had a great experience building our new home with Aspen builders. Bob and Jake made sure our home included everything we wanted in it. Rachel was a huge help in keeping us on schedule and helping with the selection process. She was great to work with. Mitch, Joe and the rest of the team were very respectful and made sure our home was everything we wanted it to be. Everyone was very professional and willing to answer any questions. I would highly recommend Aspen Builders to anyone who is considering building a new home.

Abbie B.

Our experience with the Aspen team has been outstanding. If you have read the other reviews you already know Rachel is a professional, respectful, organized, and fun person. I want to focus on another star of the Aspen team, Joe. He is the one who will walk through your house with you just before closing to make sure everything is perfect. There must be something in the water at Aspen because he too is professional, respectful, organized and a fun person. Joe shows you how everything in your house works and answers any maintenance questions you might have.